“Our aim is to connect and support artists, galleries, institutions and art venues in their goal to create more visibility and sales on- and offline. We focus on good communication in- and outside the artworld and we specialize in challenging partnerships and innovative projects. Our dense network and personal relationships with journalists and key-media are the best we can offer.”
— Manuela Klerkx


Manuela Klerkx graduated in French Linguistics (1986) and in Philosophy (1992), both at the Radboud University of Nijmegen. In 1992 she moved to Brussels, where she worked at Rodolphe Janssen Gallery, and in 1994 to Milan, where she lived until 2010. In Milan she worked for top notch galleries such as Karsten Greve Gallery and Massimo De Carlo, before setting up and running her own gallery - Klerkx  - in Milan for a period of six years, showcasing emerging dutch and international artists such as Navid Nuur, Jennifer Tee, Ariel Schlesinger, Josef Schulz and Marijn van Kreij. In 2010 she and her daughter Romane moved to Amsterdam, where she met and married with publisher and art collector Oscar van Gelderen.

Works below by Marijn van Kreij whose work was shown at KLERKX in Milan and at Liste, Basel in 2008.

Read about Manuela's idea of perfect happiness, her greatest achievement and her biggest fear in The Heroines Journey by Peter Kusters.


We believe artists need agents who provide guidance and assistance regarding business, pr, strategy and sales. An independent person whom they can trust and who supports them in their career. Galleries are often focused on sales whereas artists also need advise in the field of artistic and strategic decision making, communication and promotion. Our aim is to facilitate the relationship between artists, galleries, collectors, institutions and art venues specializing in:

  • Strategic and artistic related counsel to artists aimed at fulfilling their goals
  • Business management like negotiating contracts, representation and collaboration 
  • Personal contact with journalists, art critics and curators
  • Traditional and online media campagnes
  • Content marketing and writing press releases, essays and catalogues
  • Production and promotion of cultural events and exhibitions, Q&A’s, press launches, private dinners, etc.

On your request we can look for partnerships and crossovers with other brands and/or galleries we like to work with. We can introduce you - personally - to people, companies and institutions who like to profile themselves through art related activties and publications (branding).


We believe in partnerships and collaborations in order to connect people and create new initiatives. That's why we work with the following organiations:

  • Young Collectors Circle: an online platform founded in 2016 by Nienke van der Wal with the aim of unlocking the artworld for art buyers with the ambition to become art collectors. The YCC organizes many different activities such as art talks, master classes collecting, studio visits, guided tours to (international) art fairs and private collections. Manuela is in charge with PR and business management for the YCC.
  • Gallerease: an online platform supporting galleries, art dealers and independent artists in their aim to promote and sell art. Gallerease provides in the creation and distribution of information and knowledge through their website, an intensive use of social media and partnerships with art fairs.

At the beginning of 2017 Manuela started a new activity bringing her biggest passions together: art and fashion, friendship and travelling, art fairs and studio visits, the Dutch sense of commerce and the Mediterranean culture:

  • Art & Fashion Tours: Guided tours to art fairs and fashion locations in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy organised by Manuela with the aim to bring art and fashion lovers together and to unlock doors that give access to the studios of artists and fashion designers, collectors and jewellery and perfume makers. Previews and private views are part of the programme just like some unforgettable wine & dine moments in carefully selected restaurants. 

Partnerships with Gallerease and Young Collectors Circle; Manuela © Marijke Stroucken