Manuela Klerkx graduated in French Linguistics (1986) and in Philosophy (1992), both at the Radboud University of Nijmegen in The Netherlands. In 1992 she moved to Brussels, where she worked as an assistant at Rodolphe Janssen Gallery, and in 1994 she went to Milan where  she worked for top notch galleries such as Karsten Greve Gallery and Massimo De Carlo. In 2004 she set up her own gallery - KLERKX- in Milan specialzing in emerging dutch and international artists such as Navid Nuur, Jennifer Tee, Ariel Schlesinger, Josef Schulz, Peggy Frank and Marijn van Kreij. In 2010 she and her daughter Romane moved to Amsterdam, where she met - and married with - publisher and art collector Oscar van Gelderen. They are currently writing a book on art & collecting, which will be published (in Dutch) by Meulenhoff, in february 2018.